Mega by ILNP is probably the most beefed-up holographic nail polish you’ll find – which makes it perfect for Lord Megatron, Commander of the Decepticon army. Mega is a silver-based holographic, and in light sparkles a rainbow of colors. Perfect for a high-tech Cybertronian paint job.

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Charmander, Charmeleon, & Charizard

Muy Calienteby Glimmer by Erica is a “sparkly mix of red, orange, and yellow glitters in a clear base” based on fire. It takes three coats to be completely opaque, and definitely needs two or three layers of shiny topcoat over the glitter if you don’t like the gritty texture. I thought the warm, bright, and well, fiery colors complemented the first fire starter set wonderfully.

If you don’t want the glitter to be fully opaque, a bright orange or red nail polish as a base coat would work too. A shimmer or metallic polish in either of those colors enhances the “flame” effect. 

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Black Onyx by OPI is a standard deep black polish with no shimmer. It’s included for OPI’s chip resistant formula, which is useful - if necessary, especially when applying a matte top coat. A shimmer, holographic, or dark grey polish can be substituted if not going for the matte look.

Magic Matte Finish Top Coat by China Glaze is a matte top coat that you can use on any polish. Any matte top coat will do; Julep, OPI, Essie, and butter LONDON all sell their own.

How to:

  1. Start off with your base coat and let that dry.
  2. Paint your nails your chosen color (in this case, black) until opaque. You do not have to wait for the one layer to dry completely before the next. Sixty seconds will do, depending on the polish.
  3. Apply your matte top coat over the entire nail. Let this dry completely if using tape in the next step.
  4. If using tape (scotch or masking - be careful to take away some of the stickiness), mark off the bottom part of your nail, leaving only the tips. Paint the tips of your nails with your favorite top coat and let dry.


Batman by KawaiiNailLaquer is for those who need glitter, because hey, who doesn’t like glitter? This will not work on top of the matte polish, as your nails will become shiny, thus ruining all of your hard work. But swiping some matte topcoat over glittered nails could create an interesting effect!

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Did You’ear About Van Gogh? by OPI is the closest match to Castiel’s iconic trench coat I could find. It’s a nude, greyish beige that suits both dark and light skin. Alone, the polish is very professional and dare I say elegant.

First Mate by China Glaze is reminiscent of Cas’s tie. It can be used as an accent color, say on the ring finger, or maybe to paint little backward ties on your nails. Because why not?

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